Protecting educators, students and their families

SafeSchool is an educational consultancy providing end-to-end legal, social and psychological solutions to educators and schools around the country as regards the children under their care and their legal duties towards them.
The offering includes training that is individually tailored to suit your school’s specific needs, from some of the top professionals in the country, in their respective fields, on the wide range of issues facing educators and children in today’s society; it provides you with legal, psychological and medical services and advice to assist you in fulfilling your duty of care; assists in detecting and managing “at-risk” children and also provides you with instant access to highly qualified specialists who are on-call to help schools manage challenging situations as and when they arise.
The SafeSchool service is highly customisable to suit all types of schools and their budgets. It aims to provide solutions at affordable rates so as to make them accessible to all schools throughout the country. Schools may choose for themselves which bouquet of services best suits their particular needs.

In our first month as a SafeSchool Partner School, we have felt the relief and confidence that comes from having a knowledgeable and reliable resource at hand. The SafeSchool team has responded to each of our queries in a timely and clear manner, as well as provided support in real-time to our parents and school leaders.

Bailey Blake, Head of Schools, SPARK Schools

The SafeSchool concept is fantastic and educational. Something SA really needs.

Nicole Gaspar, Principal of SPARK School, Turffontein

The SafeSchool Initial Training was extremely beneficial and insightful. It has encouraged me to become more knowledgeable on how to better serve my scholars and their families. I look forward to more sessions like this.

Chenay Wessels, Principal of SPARK Schools, Kempton Park

Proud to be a client of @MegsHJ and @SafeschoolZA ! Revolutionising safeguarding and child protection in South African schools.

Bailey Thompson, Head of SPARK Schools